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Join SportsDock now with our discounted University student membership!

Off-peak hours: weekends & weekdays 7am - 4pm

Off-Peak 3 month £35

Our cheapest student deal this year!

  • Off-Peak gym usage for three months
  • Off-Peak Exercise Classes
  • Free Personal programme
  • Free court hire*
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Off-Peak Annual Offer: £85

This is a limited time offer for a 6 month membership!

  • Gym Access
  • Exercise Classes
  • Free fitness courses
  • Personal Programme
  • Health MOTs
  • Discounted Court Hire
  • BUCS Universal Gold Card
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Sports Club Membership: £0

Join one or several of our many clubs to train and compete in friendly matches!

  • Training
  • Insurance
  • Qualified Coaches
  • Kit
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Student Member Testimonies

Kieron Henry-Fellows

SportsDock helps me to imrpove my game. I am able to complete my training programme in the gym, I use the classes to vary my workouts and then get straight on the court. The facilities are the best i’ve ever used.

Celine Gunaratnam

I was worried when I came to the University that I wouldn’t find a gym I liked, turns out I didn’t need to worry. The facility is fantastic, it has all the equipment I need and it helps that I get to work out with my friends too.

Kiran Basnet

I started working out at SportsDock when I joined the University in my first year. The student membership was great value for what I got and it meant I could workout on campus.

Kim Lawrence

I use SportsDock all year round, but it certainly helps around exam time. Even just an hour away from studying, being able to de-stress and maintain my fitness is the key to academic success.

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