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Discounted membership for UEL Staff

Our affordable memberships start at £20 a month, they include any time gym access and all gym classes, which have been designed to fit in before you begin work and during your lunch breaks!

SportsDock is the best place for staff to take a break from their desks and take a break from work. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at what your fellow colleagues have to say!.

Staff Member Testimonies

Anthony Button - UEB

If I have woken up on the wrong side of the bed or I am having a stressful day, a little run or workout during my lunch break works wonders in refocusing me and bringing my mood back to my usual positive self. .

Sam Mirza - Alumni

You may think you're too busy to leave your desk, but having a productive break at SportsDock can help you work more effeciently. I feel cleansed after a workout and in a much better mood afterwards.

Miriam Watt - Print Centre

SportsDock gives me a chance to get away from my screen and get some time to myself. Whether I go for a run, take a martial arts class or do some yoga, I always go back to my desk refreshed.

Abdi Osman - Student Services

The staff at SportsDock are really friendly and will always be around to help if need. It's great that the classes can fit easily into your lunch break so you can use your time in the gym effectively.

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